Skyscrapers In Dubai – The High Rise Building

Skyscrapers In Dubai 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, also written Khalifah, is a mixed-use skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the world’s tallest building according to all three of the basic criteria used to evaluate such structures. 

Skyscrapers In Dubai


Height of Burj khalifa

The Burj Khalifa took six years to build. Foundational excavation work commenced also in January 2004, and the tower formally opens on January 4, 2010. However, the opening took place before the interior was completed. Built to contain a combination of commercial, residential, and hospitality operations, the tower attained completion at 162 floors and a height of 2,717 feet(828 meters), even though its intended size remained a well-held secret during its construction.

Island Park at Burj Khalifa

The Burj Park is a fantastic leisure destination in Downtown Burj Dubai, and it’s a terrific spot to see the famous Dubai Fountains. The Burj Park, which spans 29,000 square meters and runs alongside Burj Lake or the Dubai Fountain Lake, is located at the base of the Burj Khalifa Tower. It’s also known as ‘Burj Dubai Park,’ ‘Dubai Tower Park,’ ‘Burj Island Park,’ and so on, and it’s a great site to see The Dubai Fountains, especially at night, when specially designed light cubes magnificently light the park.

The park is surrounded by a 33-foot-wide walkway that connects it to the remainder of Downtown Dubai’s bridges. However, Burj Park is the ideal location for a stroll in the middle of breathtaking nature.

Marina 101

This building in Dubai Marina is currently under construction. So, they will be the second-tallest structure in the UAE after the Burj Khalifa and the world’s 26th tallest tower in a city full of skyscrapers in Dubai.

Sheffield Holdings Limited developed which is located in Dubai Marina. So, the project complete 97 percent of its original scope. On top of the building is a beautiful 45-meter crown.

However, the 427-meter-tall structure has 101 stories above ground, with the Hard Rock Hotel occupying the first 33 levels. Dubai Marina is home to famous buildings, as well as a variety of food and leisure alternatives. Hence, the community offers urban waterfront living to its residents.

Facilities in Marina 101


There are 677 dedicated slots for parking for the convenience of residents. Visitors can park their cars outside the building.


The building has a total of 29 elevators that range from low-speed service elevators to high-speed passenger lifts.        


A central gas connection is available in each apartment. So, the units are all equipped with central air conditioning and heating. Through 24-hour CCTV monitoring, the security crew ensures the safety of inhabitants and the building.

 NEARBY BUILDINGS                                                                                            

 Marina Pinnacle – residential building

 Sulafa Tower – residential building

 Elite Residence – residential building

 Marina Crown – residential building

Residential buildings near Marina 101 include Marina Pinnacle, Sulafa Tower, Elite Residence, Le Reve, and Marina Crown.                                                                                                                                                                           

Princess tower

Skyscrapers In Dubai 

Princess Tower sits in the heart of Dubai Marina, one of the city’s busiest districts. This is one of the area’s tallest finished residential structures, and from 2012 to 2015, it was the world’s tallest residential tower. Hence, the tower which opened in 2005 and was completed by Tameer Holdings in September 2012, set a new standard for high-rise living. It is currently 1,356 feet tall and has 101 stories above ground. Even so Princess Tower has 763 residential units, including 1, 2, and 3-bedroom flats and penthouses. However, the spherical apex of the tower, designed like a domed crown and adds the final 185 feet to the skyscrapers in Dubai is the most visible feature.

  • Estimated completion date: September 12, 2012
  • The number of stories: 101
  • The number of units: 763 units
  • Type of unit: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments and penthouses
  • Ownership structure: Freehold
  • Services and amenities: Gym, spa, indoor-outdoor swimming pools, event space, kids’ play area, games room


The architectural height of Princess Tower is 414 meters (1358 feet) from the ground to the top of its spire. However, the 426-meter-high 432 Park Avenue in New York City broke the record in 2015.

Princess Tower is the world’s third tallest residential structure, behind 432 Park Avenue, another residential tower in Dubai Marina, as of 2018. Princess Tower is the third tallest structure in Dubai and the 31st tallest structure globally also just after Shanghai’s Jin Mao Tower.


Eng. Adnan Saffarini, a local architectural firm in Dubai, designed Princess Tower and the nearby Elite Residence and the Al Yaqoub Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, two other supertall skyscrapers in Dubai.

While, the Princess Tower’s architecture style is Postmodern, as evidenced by the building’s varied façade designs.

On the segment below 290 meters, the façade pattern is nearly identical vertically. However, the design alters above that part, with glass cladding divided by a line of vertical panels and windows lining the upper section’s corners.

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