The Top Ten Blue Wonders Of New Zealand

1.Poor Knights Islands

Subtropical fish that can’t be found anyplace else in New Zealand can be found beneath the seas of the Poor Knights Islands. Diving and snorkeling are the finest ways to enjoy this underwater environment, located 30 kilometers from Whangarei in the Northland & Bay of Islands region.


2.Huka Falls

One of New Zealand’s most prominent natural attractions, Huka Falls is only a 10-minute drive from Lake Taupo. Observe as the Waikato River, which is around 100 meters broad, gets forced into a tight gorge and plunges 20 meters. On a jet boat ride(opens in new window), you may get up also close to the thundering Falls, or gaze from a safe distance from one of the several viewing platforms.

3.Franz Josef Glacier

First explored in 1865, you can take a guided ice walk or do a hell-hike to get up close to the spectacular World Heritage Area. There’s a range of natural attractions close to Franz Josef Glacier Village. Lose yourself in the rainforests, waterfalls, and lakes.

4.Lake Pukaki

The vivid blue tones of Lake Pukaki, a glittering blue jewel set against the backdrop of Aoraki/Mt Cook, are caused by finely powdered minerals carried in the glacier-fed waters. Explore neighboring treks, take a scenic flight, or visit at night for a breathtaking stargazing experience.

5. Blue Pools

Discover the awe-inspiring Blue Pools on a short and easy walk among mature beech trees and over a swing bridge. Mount Aspiring National Park is home to the Makarora River’s deep, beautiful glacial pools.

6. Glowworm Caves

The Waitomo Cave system(opens in new window), an ancient subterranean environment in the heart of New Zealand’s central North Island, is a succession of interesting and dramatic natural wonders. However, take a boat ride to see the shimmering beauties up close, or try Black Water Rafting to get your adrenaline racing (opens in new window)

7. Lake Tekapo

The milky-turquoise color of Lake Tekapo is due to the fine rock flour suspended in the water (ground by glaciers). Visit the Church of the Good Shepherd on the beach. Or come at night between April and September to see the spectacular Southern Lights.

8. Starry-night skies

New Zealand is the finest spot to go stargazing because of its dark, clear heavens and diverse landscapes. There are also numerous sites in the North and South Islands where you may observe magnificent constellations and shooting stars.

9. The Blue Spring

Stroll around the Waikato-Hamilton region and marvel. Blue Spring’s pristine water supplies roughly 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water. The Te Waihou Walkway also leads to the blue water of the spring. One of the world’s purest water sources, through wetlands, rolling grasslands, and little waterfalls.

10. Te Waikoropupu Springs

Te Waikoropup Springs in Takaka, the largest freshwater springs also the Southern Hemisphere. With some of the cleanest water, ever measured. Local Mori sees Pupu Springs, also known as Pupu Springs. As a taonga (treasure) and whi tapu, a place of profound cultural and also spiritual significance.

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