The Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Dubai

 Many modern art galleries in Dubai are concentrate around Alserkal Avenue in the Al Quoz neighborhood which is known for its creative types, tiny cafés, and co-working spaces. There’s a lot to see and do in the area and beyond.

Continue reading to learn where to locate what you’re looking for in some of Dubai’s greatest modern art galleries.

The Third Line

The Third Line is a Dubai-based gallery that promotes contemporary Middle Eastern artists on a local, regional, and worldwide level. It became established in 2005. The Third Line has constructed a vibrant program that investigates the diversity of practice in the region. It offers a pioneering platform for established talent and new voices from the region and its diaspora.

The Third Line’s Works on Paper division distributes publications by regional artists. Among the books released to date are Lamya Gargash’s Presence (2008), Tarek Al-In Ghoussein’s Absentia (2009), Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Karen Marta’s Cosmic Geometry (2011), and Huda Lutfi’s self-titled dissertation on Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian’s Cairo-based practice.

Among the artists represented are Abbas Akhavan, Anuar Khalifa, Ala Ebtekar, Amir H. Fallah, Farah Al Qasimi, Farhad Moshiri, Fouad Elkoury, Hassan Hajjaj, Hayv Kahraman, Huda Lutfi, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Jordan Nassar, and Laleh Khorramian.

Ayyam Gallery

Ayyam Gallery is the most beautiful art galleries in Dubai that were founded in 2006. It is a major arts organization that handles the careers of a wide range of established and rising artists. The gallery’s mandate of broadening the bounds of international art is further by a blue-chip art space in Dubai. The series of joint initiatives in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and a transnational non-profit arts program. Ayyam Gallery has also contributed to contemporary efforts to document overlooked elements of global art history through its well-regarded multilingual publishing branch. It is also a custodianship program that oversees the estates of pioneering artists.

Lawrie Shabibi

Lawrie Shabibi was established in 2010. The first opened its doors in early 2011 on Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai’s light industrial warehouse zone. Following the move of several well-known galleries, this area quickly became the region’s center for modern art.

We encourage the long-term development of young international contemporary artists, with a particular focus on those from the Middle East and North Africa. As well as more recently diasporic artists in the United Kingdom. Working with an older generation of artists from the Middle East and North Africa region. We’ve also staged art historical shows. We have been a leader in the development of the contemporary art scene in Dubai for the past nine years by hosting a regular program of exhibitions, screenings, and discussions, publishing catalogs, and participating in international art fairs. In Cromwell Place, London, we will shortly open a branch.

We have been a leader in the development of the contemporary art scene in Dubai for the past nine years by hosting a regular program of exhibitions, screenings, and discussions, publishing catalogs, and participating in international art fairs. In Cromwell Place, London, we will shortly open a branch.

Opera Gallery

This facility, located in the opulent DIFC, attracts everyone from graffiti artists to designers of pop-music album covers. Consider artists such as George Morton-Clark, Blek le Rat, and Keith Haring. The Opera Gallery, directed by Sylvian Gaillard, attracts the numerous business people who wander the financial district’s walkways. As well as fine diners who come to see what’s on exhibit before heading off to dinner in one of the nearby culinary places. When the public doors close each evening. The doors usually reopen to host private parties in the distinguished setting.

Green Art Gallery

This location began as Ornina, a modest gallery above a bookshop in Syria. It has since grown to become one of Dubai’s most respected modern art galleries. When it relocated to a mansion in Dubai’s Jumeirah neighborhood in 1995. It changed its name to Green Art Gallery and began exhibiting several regional artists before they became well-known. Green Art Gallery didn’t decide to focus on contemporary art from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia until 2010. Turkey’s Hale Tenger and Hera Büyüktaşçyan, Iran’s Kamrooz Aram and Nazgol Ansarinia, Palestine’s Shadi Habib Allah, Pakistan’s Seher Shah, and Venezuela’s Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck are among the notable artists.

Carbon 12

Carbon 12 Dubai is one of the initial outposts of contemporary art in Dubai. It is currently located on gallery-filled Alserkal Avenue. Carbon 12 is dedicate to provide a comprehensive, global program of institution-grade musicians since 2008.

Carbon 12 participates in international art fairs. Such as Art Cologne, ABC (Art Berlin Contemporary), Viennafair, and Art Dubai in addition to its eight annual shows. The Carbon 12 also provides books and speeches to the general public and educational organizations

The Art Salon program, which helps present and promote established and new artists to the UAE’s contemporary scene – featuring up-and-coming talents working with forms like video, print, painting, and sculpting. It is a great place to meet other like-minded creatives.

Elmarsa Gallery

These art galleries in Dubai are dedicated to exhibiting talents from across the Middle East, providing a forum for Arab artists to exhibit their work and network on a global scale. Elmarsa has been present in events in Paris, Miami, and Marrakech since its inception in Tunisia in 1994, and it started in Dubai in 2015. Elmarsa thrives on seeing its artists push the boundaries of modern art, so expect to be blown away by what you see from artists exploring topics like the impact of Mediterranean, African, and Arab history on global challenges. Some of the musicians on the roster include Abdulaziz Ashour, Emna Masmoudi, and Omar Bey.

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